Our Lord and Savior Frank Iero


I’m Matthew. My pronouns are he/him they/them ve/vem and I’m just an emo dirtbag who does art n music bc i dont have any other talents. I will not act like I have energy when I don’t just to please you. Here are some people u should know abt and follow. @UrPersonalDemon @Chewerz @impicklepg13 @Certus @capncrunch @JesusToast @guess-who @blairrifc @Sunlightsdead @vampire-cookie @v0m1t1nggl1tt34 @andientart @abbazabba



Mordecai from The Regular Show, Fun Goul from The Fabulous Lives of the Killjoys, Alex Fiero from Magnus Chase, Spencer Shay from iCarly, Jonathan Loughran [Johnny] from Hotel Transylvania, Patrick Verona from 10 Things I Hate About You, Wallace Wells from Scott Pilgrim vs The World, and Roderick Heffley from Diary of a Wimpy Kid.


Lgbtq+ haters, if u call ppl cringe, are a hateful fuckwad, romanticize/fake mental illnesses, or romanticize abuse or pedophilia.


I would not like 2 share them on here, if you’re a friend ask and I’ll tell u.


If u find my obsessions or my whole self annoying then don’t follow me block me what ever I genuinely don’t care, just don’t complain to me about it.